Kolibri Space Shuttle EP

Inspired by space travel, arts, nature and mental health, the primary aspiration of KSS is to offer ravers a trip full of emotions.

Beyond the raw and hypnotic beats, Kolibri Space Shuttle EP delivers extraordinary atmospheres, superb sound design and highly driven grooves through 5 unique journeys.

5 tracks to make you sweat and travel. Side A side is dark, strong and hypnotic whilst side B is driven, melodic and sometimes emotional, featuring a cover of the incredible track ‘Rej’ by Âme.

Welcome aboard the Kolibri Space Shuttle – you’re in for a special journey.

PETRU – Kolibri Space Shuttle EP

A1 – Begin Transmission
A2 – Chihirotraktor
B1 – Ketarion
B2 – Rej (Tribute to Âme)
B3 – Retro Futura Muse

Imagined in space

Mastered by Lad at Caduceus Studios
Artwork by Baptiste Bianciot

All tracks written, produced and recorded by PETRU
Except ‘Rej’ written by Frank Wiedemann and Kristian Beyer @ Innervisions

KSS-VEP01P © All rights reserved Kolibri Space Shuttle 2022

Press & reviews

– “The EP shows that taking your time before releasing one’s productions can pay off, as there’s a maturity to the synthesis of influences on display here. Side A focuses on the “dark, strong and hypnotic”, starting with the spacey Begin Transmission, whose deep low-end and discordant bleeps bring to mind Terrence Dixon or 90s Jeff Mills, yet with a bouncing groove that is unexpectedly fun, leaving a more multifaceted impression than the typical track with these Detroit touchstones. Chihirotraktor begins with a martial, EBM-inspired rhythm which morphs completely over the duration of the track, organically progressing between different rhythmic ideas driven by stop-start percussion..


– “Hinter dem eher lustig anmutenden Titel und Labelnamen „Kolibri Space Shuttle“ des aus Korsika stammenden Produzenten PETRU verbirgt sich in Wahrheit ein hypnotisierender Techno-Spacetrip voller außergewöhnlicher Atmosphären und Emotionen. Während PETRU die A-Side seiner Debüt-EP besonders düster, kräftig und hypnotisch gestaltet hat, hat er für die konträre B-Side einen weitaus melodischeren und tiefergreifenden Ansatz gewählt, der in einer Coverversion des Âme-Hits „Rej“ gipfelt. A true journey. 9/10” – Printed press

– “PETRU – der Meister der Live-Techno-Performance im XXL-Interview. Mit seiner “Kolibri Space Shuttle”-EP serviert uns der auf Korsika geborene DJ und Live-Produzent PETRU einen hypnotisierenden Techno-Spacetrip voller außergewöhnlicher Atmosphären und Emotionen.” – Online


– “El artista y productor de techno corso PETRU es un artista creativo, carismático y enérgico en directo. Desde el transbordador espacial Kolibri, recorre las constelaciones y observa las maravillas que traduce en experiencias sonoras. Su pasión por contar historias le lleva a experimentar con varios subgéneros del techno desarrollados a través de las series NSTNKT, Kolibri, Tribute y SNDSKP. La música de PETRU oscila entre ritmos hipnóticos y oscuros, viajes melódicos y hermosos, desde impactantes rodillos techno hasta paisajes sonoros experimentales, rindiendo ocasionalmente homenaje a sus principales fuentes de inspiración.”

Vicious Magazine

– “Prepare yourself for a quality techno injection. The EP is a wild ride from the full-on hypnotizing stomper of ‘Begin Transmission‘ to the floating bliss of ‘Retro Futura Muse‘. While side ‘A’ lays down two peak time, dark room monsters, side ‘B’ has a lighter melodic edge while still laying down some solid beats. Excellent production with all elements combining effortlessly to create wonderful complex layers of depth. Petru manages to finely balance the compositions, so the sounds entwined around the driving percussion lift the arrangements into the next orbit. A voyage through the alluring darkness into an ambient dawn..”

Back Seat Mafia

– “Al margen de los ritmos crudos e hipnóticos, lo que ofrece el EP de Kolibri Space Shuttle es una atmósfera extraordinaria, un diseño de sonido soberbio y unos grooves muy marcados a lo largo de 5 viajes únicos. El lado A es oscuro, fuerte e hipnótico, mientras que el lado B es impulsado, melódico y a vezes emocional, y presenta una versión del increíble tema “Rej”.”

Coocuyo Magazine – Electronic Music Magazine of Cuba

– “Excellent techno excursions by PETRU on Kolibri Space Shuttle!”

Clone NL

– “The Corsican native was recently featured in our documentary ‘This is Live Techno’. Having waited nearly 20 years to release his debut EP (Kolibri Space Shuttle), we ask him to explain why…!”

Attack Magazine


Begin Transmission – Polish Techno.Logy (Soundcloud)

Chihirotraktor – The Brvtalist (Soundcloud, Youtube)

Chihirotraktor (Acid Mix) – Jaded London (Soundcloud)

Ketarion – HATE (Soundcloud, Youtube, Instagram)

Rej (Tribute to Âme) – Melodic Diggers (Soundcloud, Youtube)

Retro Futura Muse – #internetghetto (Soundcloud)

Limited 12″ Vinyl

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The Corsican techno artist and producer PETRU is a creative, charismatic and energetic Live performer. From the Kolibri Space Shuttle he cruises through constellations and observes the wonders which he translates into sonic experiences.

His passion for storytelling drives him to experiment various sub-genres of techno developed through different series: NSTNKT, Kolibri, Tribute and SNDSKP.

PETRU’s music is oscillating between hypnotic and dark beats, melodic and beautiful journeys, from impactful techno rollers to experimental soundscapes – occasionally paying homage to his major sources of inspiration.


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